We have been trading in St James's for 35 years but due to a major 2 year re-development programme of the listed building, which includes the creation of residential apartments, we shall cease trading at Ryder Street in June, 2016. However, we look forward to welcoming our clients and any enquiries by appointment only from the autmun, 2016 at our new premises in Kent.

He specializes in 17th, 18th and 19th century antique longcase clocks, table and bracket clocks, small mantel clocks, carriage clocks and barometers from the most renowned English clockmakers such as Thomas Tompion, George Graham, Joseph & John Knibb and Dan Quare. The originality of the movements and wonderfully patinated untouched cases are hallmarks of John Carlton-Smith's fine stock.

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Joseph Knibb, an early phase 2 Dutch
striking table clock circa 1680